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Welcome our new Airport Manager - John Wrycza.
Kent Krueger, our accountant is back!  Please contact Kent at with member billing or vendor payment questions.

 Next Board meeting is Wednesday, January 20, at 7 PM.  Meeting will be virtual using Teams to meet current Illinois Covid restrictions.
Contact Mike Pastore (Board President) or Martha Schumann ( for an invitation to the virtual board meeting on Teams.
December Member mailing (USPS or email) has gone out to all members.  Please contact us if you did not receive your copy.
2020 Meeting Minutes posted under Members section
Equity Members please Return your E-Mail Correspondence Form
 Pick your choice of E-mail or US postal Service.
Our By-Laws require US mail unless written permission for E-mail
To date have only received from one third of our members
If lost, print a new one, the PDF is under Members section Front Page
 Updated BY-LAWS (to be in conformance with Illinois law)
Now has a link in the Members Section
Original Bylaws, New Bylaws, and Operating rules, each open in their own window.
They can each be saved as PDF files on your computer 
John Wrycza  (630)697-3559
NOTICE:  Runway lighting system has been changed.  Runway lights are available 24 HRS.  Activate with 5 clicks during daylight hours.  Lights are on low at dusk with photocell control - 7 clicks for full intensity. 

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Non-Equity Membership:  If you are renting a hangar from an equity member please note, use of the Airport Facilities Requires Membership, either equity or non-equity, in the Naper Aero Club. On the left click the "Non-equity Membership" button for addition information and forms.

Naper Aero Club is a private residential airpark community.  We are a group of friends and neighbors who share a unique passion for flight, enjoyed through the convenience of a residential setting.

We're glad you're here.  Have a look around, and let us know what we can do to make this site better!
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